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Camu Camu Vitamin C

Camu Camu Vitamin C - 90 Capsules
Camu Camu Vitamin C - 90 Capsules - view 1Camu Camu Vitamin C - 90 Capsules - view 2

Camu Camu Vitamin C - 90 Capsules

Price: 24.95

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Camu Camu fruit has one of the highest recorded amounts of natural vitamin C, providing over 2,700 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and complex amino acids that aide in the absorption of the vitamin C; it is an excellent source of potassium, providing more than 700 mg per kg of fruit!

One Of The Highest Vitamin C Contents Worldwide!
A Pure Raw Whole Food - Nothing Added - Nothing Taken Away
ORAC Tested For Antioxidant Capacity
Remains Highly Stable Over Time

One of the highest recorded amounts of natural vitamin C
Camu Camu is a small plant found throughout the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. It grows mainly in swampy or flooded areas and its height reaches up to 3 m tall. This plant produces round, light orange-coloured fruits, about the size of a lemon, which contain significant amounts of vitamin C. It is the combination of the nutrients which makes it so unique and therefore the production process is a key factor for quality.

Camu Camu is 100% natural vitamin C containing whole-food bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and other essential co-factors. The Camu Camu berries get harvested while they are still green. This is the moment when they have the highest content of Vitamin C. The fresh fruit is collected by local people by hand, and wildcrafted (harvested within the natural habitat). Considering that there are neither machines nor big companies, and with the difficulties in collecting it (usually with small boats), you can imagine the importance of this plant for certain regions of Peru and its people.
Mbr> The Government is promoting it as an important product also for its social aspect. During the unique production process, no heat, no radiation, no binders, no fillers, and no excipients are added, and light exposure is reduced. The ingredient we use is real raw whole food. It is ORAC tested to assure antioxidant capacity and stability. This emphasizes the high quality achieved through the unique production process. While the natural Vitamin C of Camu Camu is usually unstable over time and loses a high percentage within the first month, the ingredient in our Camu Camu Vitamin C is barely changing more than 1% within its shelf life. This, again, is due to the specialised production process.

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