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HartGard - 30ml / 1oz

HartGard™ - 30ml / 1oz

Price: 24.95

A synergistic formulation that supports heart protection
HartGard™ sublingual drops of essential nutrients, formulated based upon many published studies to protect against heart disease and strokes. It contains a powerful blend of : Hawthorn berry extract, Coleus Forskohlii, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Gingko Biloba Extract.

Hawthorn is described in most modern herbals as a valuable treatment for various heart ailments and circulatory disorders, as well acting as a mild astringent to be used for treating sore throats. Hawthorn is most often used to protect against the beginning stages of heart disease for mild heart muscle weakness, pressure and tightness of the chest, and mild arrhythmia. It is also used as a tonic for an aging heart.

Hawthorn is one of the best known tonics for the heart and cardiovascular system. HartGard™ not only contain this proven ingredient, in a compatible and synergistic amount, but essential antioxidants, intracellular nutrients, and ATP conductors, to provide you with an easy-to-take intra-oral liquid to support all your normal cardio needs.

Support For Normal Healthy Heart Function
Contains Antioxidant Benefits
Contains The Most Abundant Blood Carotenoids
Ingredients Backed By Reference Studies

Ingredients & Amount Per Serving
Coleus Forskohlii Extract - 6.25 mg
Hawthorn Berry Extract - 6.25 mg
Gingko Biloba (24% Extract) - 3.75 mg
Lutein - 1.25 mg
Zeaxanthin - 0.02 mg

Other Ingredients:
Purified water, glycerine, stevia, stearic acid, polysorbate, vitamin E, natural flavoring.

Serving Size:
0.19ml approx 5 drops
Servings Per Container: 160

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