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Kidney Rescue™

Kidney Rescue - 90 Tablets

Kidney Rescue™ - 90 Tablets

Price: 29.95

Most Powerful Herbal Blend to Support The Master Organ of Life
There are many filters in the body. The lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys, liver, colon and even the skin are all filters. Two of the most important filters are the liver and kidneys. When kidneys are overworked the liver tries to pick up the slack, so when looking after your kidneys, it is suggested that you also always address the liver at the same time. Otherwise these organs may become overworked and create an imbalance in the body. Due to their importance in keeping us healthy, the Chinese call the kidneys “The Master Organ." Since all of our organs run on fluid, the kidneys regulate every organ of our body. Cleanse and support them and they can support you.

When the kidneys are weak, large amounts of Albumin can show up in the urine. Symptoms include edema, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea. Kidney maintenance is vital to our heath. Poor kidney health can lead to diabetes and more. The bladder, ovaries, testicles, prostate, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands, tendons, sex drive, ligaments and joints are all influenced by the kidneys. If your lower back is hurting, that may be your kidneys giving you a sign they need attention too! Kidney Rescue™ provides the daily dietary support you need to encourage normal function and general wellness.

Powerful Cleansing & Adrenal Support
May Help Normal Lymphatic Function
Possibly One Of The Most Powerful Blends Available

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