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MacaPro® XP Black 18:1 Liquid

MacaPro XP Black 18:1 Liquid - 90ml

MacaPro® XP Black 18:1 Liquid - 90ml

Price: 29.95

MacaPro XP® Black

Maca is a plant that grows only on the high Junin Plateau in Peru and has been highly valued for its unique nutritional value for over 2000 years. Maca is not a drug or a vitamin, it is a food source that is very high in polypeptides (building blocks of proteins), amino acids and fatty acids, together with an impressive array of bioactive compounds, any or all of which may be responsible for its remarkable benefits. Cold pressed liquid Maca extract. High nutritional value, rich in B vitamins, stimulates and balances the endocrine system leading to Improved and sustained long-term energy levels, Improved hormonal system and restores testosterone levels.

Having being used as a food for over 2000 years, there are no known side effects or drug interactions.

Better sexual health
Menopausal relief
Relief of menstrual problems
Enhanced fertility
As part of your daily health regime

Maca is well documented as being used to assist with the issues such as normal energy levels, hormonal balance, mental clarity, reflexes, vigour, bone health, and immune system function. With this highly concentrated, certified liquid you can obtain the many known benefits from continuous use of Maca, all supporting a normal healthy and balanced system.

Promote Mental Clarity
Enhance Memory
Relieve Some Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue
Immune System Function
As Part Of A Daily Health Regime

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