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Serranol™ Capsules

Serranol - 90 Capsules

Serranol™ - 90 Capsules

Price: 49.95

Good Health Naturally’s Serranol® is a powerful combination of plant-based enzymes and other ingredients for wide-reaching support. Each capsule provides 85g Bromelain, 20mg Papain, 250mg CurcuminX4000™, 1000iu vitamin D3 and 50mg full-strength ecklonia cava extract. This unique formula delivers excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Serranol is the top choice for anyone wanting to support areas such as skin, heart, lung and joint health, and much more. There is no better formula than Serranol to support healthy ageing and your life-long total body wellness.

New Formulation
Serranol now contains Bromelain and Papain alongside CurcuminX4000®, Ecklonia Cava Extract and Vitamin D3 in one vegetarian capsule.
Plant-based Enzymes
Plant-based enzymes, bromelain and papain, are now in Serranol. These plant-based proteolytic enzymes have the potential to clear unwanted proteins and inflammation in the body when taken away from food.
250mg CurcuminX4000®
With Meriva® Curcumin phytosome for optimum absorption.
50mg Ecklonia Cava Extract
An edible marine algae with rich polyphenolic content.
1000IU vitamin D3

A fat-soluble vitamin and critical micronutrient.

Available In Delayed Release Capsule
All capsules are delayed release to ensure the enzymes absorb at full strength.

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